Elite Leadership and the New Science

Elite Leadership and the New Science 

"Elite Leadership is a continuous series of behaviours that determine the performance of a system." 

It is time for a revolution in terms of how we view, measure, train and develop leaders to maximise their capability.

For too long we have fallen foul of the cult trap.  That a leader must be this, or a leader must be that.  Of course most of this advice is meaningless in the real world.

Leadership is effectively a four dimensional action to best meet the challenges of a constantly changing, complex and dynamic world.

Leadership is a professional 'sport'.  It is highly competitive.  It requires constant feedback, professional coaching, and hours of practice.

Every leadership behaviour in this dynamic world is 'for the first time.'

"Leadership CANNOT be defined by language.  Ever."

Leadership is a behaviour, constantly changing, continuously evolving.  Just as a concert pianist learns by doing, so too does a leader only learn by doing and practising.

Leadership therefore cannot be properly described by words alone.  As a behaviour it can only be viewed and experienced in actions in a complex and four-dimensional world.

"The 4D act of leadership lies beyond the horizon of words.  This is where the science and magic lie."

The new science of Elite Leadership recognises the relevance of system energy. All outcomes, all performance, are a product of this system energy.

And Elite Leadership is the hidden spring of all system energy.

And the new science holds the key to a deeper understanding and radically new approach to training real leadership skills and behaviours.

Key Questions in your Organisation 

If you are in a management or leadership position you may wish to test yourself against the following two questions.  Even better, ask some colleagues to answer these for you.

  1. Do you know how to change your own behaviour?  If yes, what is your actual method that you use to change your neuronal networks and associated biology?  Could you explain your method clearly to someone else?  Can you demonstrate examples where you have been effective?
  2. Do you know how to change the behaviour of your fellow team members?  Would you say you have the professional skills necessary to coach and develop others?  Are you in the same league as a professional sport's coach?  Again provide practical examples.

On a scale of one to ten, a professional leader should always be at eight or above.

If your score is less than eight you are in the amateur league.  You may even be clogging the system arteries and doing much more harm than good!

It may be time for you to take a serious look at your leadership behaviour and explore new professional steps you can take to improve your performance.
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Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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