If you understand the Fifth Dimension, you will understand life, the universe and everything

"Reality is frequently inaccurate."
Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

The Fifth Dimension - The Brain of the Universe 

 We have all been taught we live in a world of four dimensions - three of space and one of time.

And that there are four basic forces.  Gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

That the universe we live in is 13,8 billion years old.  And throughout this period the four dimensions and the four forces have combined to create the world we live in today.

However something is missing.  The magic of the evolutionary algorithm. This is the living, dynamic force that has kept the universe alive and changing continuously for 13.8 billion years.  Miraculously without any apparent interference from any deities.

The evolutionary algorithm is based on three simple steps.

Repetition.  Variation.  Selection

And here lies the true genius of the algorithm.

Wherever you get repetition, variation and selection YOU MUST GET EVOLUTION.


This is the engine that somehow is built into time and space.  Perfectly designed software that never needs updating.  It is the brain, the intelligence that unites all the particles, laws of physics, life, consciousness and everything in an infinite dance of emerging complexity.

The evolutionary algorithm integrates time and space.  Using the energy from the stars it reverses the entropic process at a local level generating, against almost infinite odds, life itself.

I see the evolutionary algorithm as a 'fifth dimension.'  It has no particles or physical form.  It is an intelligence that has structure and logic, but no end-in-view.

 It has one purpose.  To generate the future through a continuously emerging Bayesian probability machine, creating order in chaos.

It turns our universe into an infinite treasure chest of possibility.

It is important to note that without the evolutionary algorithm there would be no emergence, no life, and in our case no consciousness.

There is a watertight prima facie case that we do in fact live in a world with this 'fifth dimension.'  When we fully understand it we can learn to adjust our lives to fully integrate the power and energy of this universal intelligence.  

Application of the Universal Algorithm in Organisations

The key for leaders is the following.

Every organisation is subject to the continuous impact of the evolutionary algorithm.  Everything.  There are no exceptions.

Herein lies a paradox.  Organisations exist and evolve on a dynamic, complex, non-linear and chaotic landscape.  All driven by the evolutionary algorithm.

And a leader's role is to somehow manage this level of complexity.  

In a four dimensional world leaders attempt to manage this complexity at the point of observable complexity.  In practice of course this is virtually impossible.

The complexity you see is the end state of the evolutionary process.  It is the product of a process called emergence.  Nature takes simple 'building blocks' and with repetition and the application of the evolutionary algorithm, complexity emerges.

The lesson for leaders is this.  You cannot manage complexity at the level of observable complexity.  You manage complexity from the level of simplicity, by changing the 'building blocks' that generate complexity.

Using the Cone of Possibility 

Think of a leader not in the traditional sense but rather as an Evolutionary Architect.  Once leaders understand the evolutionary algorithm and the 'fifth dimension' then they will be ready to manage complexity from the perspective of simplicity.

Our Cone of Possibility explains a relatively simple concept.

If all complexity is a result of emergence from simplicity, then designing the new simple 'building blocks' is the key to effective leadership.

We call these simple building blocks 'Energy Fractals'.  These are the special and customised simple actions that have the potential through repetition to generate requisite complexity.

Think of each 'Energy Fractal' as a replicator.  It is a type of hologram where the future complexity is built into the present.

Practical application in organisations 

The practical application is remarkably simple.  Design and customise the simple 'Energy Fractal' with a specific end-in-view.

Implement your 'Energy Fractal' using the principles of the Evolutionary Algorithm - repetition, variation and selection.  If you follow these steps with discipline you MUST get evolution.  It is that simple.

Remember that the 'Energy Fractal' is the vehicle or replicator that has driven every human advance since the dawn of time.  Religion.  Capitalism.  Communism.  Flight. Radio. TV.  Language. Culture. Internet. Smartphones.  Apple. Microsoft. Social media.

Here is a simple one you may wish to try.  The power and emergent complexity is built into the repetition.  Do not attempt to analyse each step.  Just trust the algorithm.

Classic Coaching Energy Fractal

Many leaders can be poor listeners, a touch narcissistic, tending to interrupt others.  The downside is that others may tend to disengage, perhaps feeling offended or even threatened.

Remember - the act of interrupting is in itself an 'Energy Fractal' with its own complex end-in-view.

The classic 'Energy Fractal' solution is the following.

"When someone else is speaking, let them finish.  Do not interrupt.  Count to three and then ask a question.  Repeat the process."

The results of this simple Energy Fractal, correctly implemented, have been remarkable, revolutionary and life changing for many people.

Why not try this exercise yourself?  And experience the power and new insight of the 'fifth dimension.'

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