Is your CEO smart enough? Or is it time for someone new in the cockpit.

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  • They are obsessed with finding new and better ways of doing things every day.

by The Right Stuff, John Raddall

Leaders create the climate or context for all organisational performance. Period.

Your future therefore, post Covid19, is largely dependent on whether your leaders are made of the right stuff for this current moment in history.

In a post Covid19 era a new type of high energy, courageous and evolutionary leader will need to emerge, like a phoenix from the ashes. In traditional organisational language this is a new animal. It's one with the right stuff.

Below is a simple test to guide an exercise you may wish to complete in the workplace. It is time for full disclosure. There is no room for silly politics. Do the exercise in groups with leaders. Look at the seven indicators of the wrong stuff and seven indicators of the right stuff.

Arrive at a score for your team, division or organisation and see where you stack up on the graph below. Use a 1 to 10 scale.

If your score is 5 or below, you are in serious trouble. 6 or 7 you are still in the game. Just. If you score 8 or more your probability of coming through the crisis smelling of roses is high indeed.


Here are some signs that your leaders are made of the 'wrong stuff'.

  • They talk about 'getting back to normal.'
  • They talk about 'the new normal.'
  • They enjoy spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.
  • They enjoy chairing meetings.
  • They talk forever about the past and 'the good old days.'
  • Even their pets are reluctant followers.
  • They live by rules, structure and their own authority. When they talk others get bored.

And here are signs they are made of the 'right stuff.'

  • They create a sense of energy, excitement and fun.
  • They are passionate about what they do. They exhibit a high energy entrepreneurial 'never-say-die' character which is contagious.
  • They are obsessed with finding new and better ways of doing things every day.
  • They get bored with rules and repetition. Hierarchy, silos and bureaucracy represent their kryptonite.
  • They exhibit a spirit of adventure. They are always curious to explore.
  • They are positive, confident and courageous. People naturally want to follow them. They have a strong charisma and create wonderful teams.
  • They respect other people, always asking for their ideas, and inspiring others.

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