The Deadly Threat of Low Intelligence in Leaders

Consider the average intelligence of the common man, then realize 50% are even stupider.

Mark Twain

Our Club of 200 - thicker than two short planks? 

My post of yesterday showed that Government IQ is the driver of both National IQ and the Human Capital Index - which measures factors such as longevity, health, education, income etc.

Effectively Gov IQ is the independent variable and IQ and HCI the dependent variables.

Thus with a fair degree of confidence we can say that the measure of any government's intelligence is well reflected in the two National kpi's of IQ and HCI.

We should always be reminded of Stafford Beer's powerful term POSIWID.  

"The purpose of a system is what it does.  And NOT what politicians say it is."

This means that our Club of 200 has a mean IQ of 86.  This is barely enough to get into the US Army.  This goes a long way to explaining why we have no intelligent strategy and structure to manage a planetary system.  They can barely hold a broom together.

In the case of South Africa with one of the lowest lowest IQ's and HCI's, we can say that the current government is one of the least intelligent on the planet.  (The Zondo Report, just released, confirms the reasons why the IQ is a despairing 71, and a disasterous Human Capital Index of 60.  (The Human Capital Index contains 46 measures of human capital and well-being.  Conducted annually by the WEF.)

The maths is simple.  Change the intelligence of government and you change the national IQ and Human Capital Index.

Here are my Six Laws of Government Stupidity.  They are guaranteed to achieve maximum entropy in the shortest possible time.

The Six Laws of Government Stupidity 

The Six Laws of Low IQ Government

Strategic Objective. Maximum control and power. Who cares about the 'people?' Dictatorship tastes sweetest. Ignore all clever references to IQ and HCI.  Ensure that the population enjoys its servitude.


Ethics drives all thinking and intelligent action. The stoics focused on the four virtues of Wisdom, Self Insight, Judgement and Courage. In all cases ignore all four.


Life is a zero sum game. If someone else has something you want, take it. You will have more, and they will have less. A perfect outcome.


Fukuyama's Law. Tribal law enriches the few and not the many. Democratic systems benefit and empower the many. Stay tribal at all costs.


Only appoint comrades to positions of power. (Re-read Animal Farm for important and powerful low IQ principles.)


Ensure that these comrades never have the knowledge, skill or experience to actually do the job properly. This way they stay incompetent, servile, dependent, grateful and easily persuaded to 'play the game'.


Anyone not in your tribe is the enemy. Ignore at all costs.

The successful application of these six laws will ensure your success in destroying virtually any economy.

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Thursday, 23 March 2023
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