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The Leadership Energy Generator

Energy... is the 'fuel' that converts a 'C' level manager into an 'A' level manager.

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Energy is the fuel that drives life, the universe and everything. And it is the 'fuel' that converts a 'C' level manager into an 'A' level manager.

We also know that there are two types of energy, potential and kinetic. And to realise a person's full potential we need to assess both. Generally HR departments fail to do this.

  • We use the Game Changer Index to measure the all important Potential Energy of a manager. This is a well researched and scientific self-assessment which reveals how a person prefers to make a contribution and impact.  It is a picture of the potential energy source that can be applied at work or in life itself.
  • We use our customised multi-source assessment to assess Kinetic Energy. It reveals exactly how the world sees the individual in action.
  • And finally we use our Organisation Energy assessment to determine how the individual perceives his/her world at work.

The power of the two energy assessments, Game Changer Index, and Kinetic Energy Profile,  lies in the correlation between the two. You want a close match to minimise stress and maximise performance.  And the Organisation Energy reflects the energy levels of work environment. The three assessments provide a deep insight for the individual for growth.

However, all assessments are meaningless without continuous reference and development. Our solution is to feed the energy assessments into our Energy Generator, the black box that generates energy improvements of 20 to 50%.

Correlating Potential and Kinetic Energy
Science Denial - Extreme Existential Threat

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Wednesday, 04 August 2021
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