"Each organisation is but a story, an imaginary fantasy that exists only in the minds of men.  And like Schrodinger's cat, it may be either dead or alive."

by John Raddall

Every organisation has its own Probability Wave Function, the product of every individual leader's probability wave.  (See my last blog post, 'Discovering your REAL why'.  I recommend reading it now to glean a fuller understanding of the probability wave function.)

The organisational probability wave therefore predicts how the organisation as a system will think, reason and act.  This is a measure of the system energy and it is this capability that allows the organisation to succeed or fail.  To be dead or alive.

We measure this capability in terms of the total human kinetic energy available in the system.

To do this we use two instruments and our Black Box Toolkit.

Every leader and his or her team form the basic building blocks of the organisation.

To assess the potential energy of the team, once more we use the GC Index to generate a powerful team report that quite literally makes the unconscious proclivities of the team conscious.  Without a shadow of a doubt this is the real game changer for anyone who wants to build a high-energy and winning team.


In the example below of an Executive Team with eight senior managers the unconsciously evolved preference for the team as a persona is to focus on generating new ideas with virtually no focus on implementation and working with other people.  This is a highly intelligent group of professionals where it is all talk and little action.  

Once all team members became aware of this potential team weakness, they were able to take corrective and structured remedial action.  The goal is to create a more balanced profile leading to a higher energy and more effective team.


The probability wave of the organisation is a direct product of the team 'building block' shown above.  You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

And to assess whether the organisation is a silk purse or a sow's ear we use our own Organisational Energy Assessment tool to measure the direct impact of the leadership team on the organisation.  This point is crucial.  Organisational energy is a product of leadership energy.  There is no escape.

In the example shown below, the impact of the GC Index team profile on the organisation is clear.  Relatively low climate and innovation caused by a leadership team lacking strategic capability and communicating the strategy effectively to employees.  Again without the team becoming aware of the cause of the low energy, it may be tempted to look for solutions like a headless chicken.


Without a shadow of doubt, the greatest challenge to organisations, HR departments and academics, is how to actually change behaviour in a constructive and sustainable away.  Our solution, based on decades of experience in this field is our Black Box, a toolkit founded in evolutionary science and neuroscience.  

Upcoming blogs will address our Black Box in more detail.