Unleashing the
Magic of
Human Energy

Using the universal power of evolution we develop happy, healthy and innovative people to create winning organisations.

Energy Generators

We generate the Energy for you to Perform

Strategy determines your road ahead and your
leadership energy determines your ability to execute
your strategy successfully.

The higher the system energy, the greater potential for strategic success. 

Our business is to help you to build a new high energy DNA to match your strategic intent.  We do this by partnering with you, your leaders and teams on an exciting new journey.

Sculpting organisational energy, transform your DNA, high performance DNA

Sculpting High Energy and High Performance DNA

Quanta Consulting offers clients a beautiful and intelligent solution to generate a new culture that creates high system energy and high performance.

Our tools and methods have been honed on the anvil of corporate reality.  They are practical and are designed to give sustainable and measurable results.

It is common knowledge that high energy organisations are two to three times more profitable than low energy organisations. 

We define and measure leadership, team and organisational energy, and we apply our methodology to generate new levels of energy in leaders and teams 

Our core philosophy is based on dynamic systems and practical evolutionary theory, customised to transform system DNA.

We value our clients and build trusting and lasting relationships that deliver excellent results.  Their success is our success!


System energy, Quanta analytics, strategic objectives

Using our sophisticated tools and analytics we identify the current system energy level and your unique cultural DNA.

We co-evolve with you, the desired system energy level to match your strategic objectives, together with the new high energy DNA.


Customised programmes, management motivation,

We customise a practical development programme for your leaders and their teams to execute the new DNA and to drive the required organisational energy level.

The goal is to increase engagement, motivation, creativity, excitement and teamwork, all essential ingredients of successful organisations.


Sustainable, effective transformation, re-engineer system DNA

Sustainable execution is the bedrock of our methodology.  Using a scientific approach to re-engineer your system’s DNA, we design the essential implementation steps that guarantee successful change.

Effective transformation is wholly dependent on this third step.  For this reason we work closely with you through the implementation phase.

The GC Index

We are proud partners of The GC Index®, the exciting and powerful tool that measures the real and potential individual and team contribution and impact, the primary driver of all energy and performance.

Technology is having a major impact on the business environment. Survival is largely dependent on Game Changing capability, which we assess with The GC Index®.

Not everyone is a Game Changer, but everyone can make a Game Changing contribution in driving energy and performance!

The integration of Quanta’s Energy Methodology and the GC Index® provides clients with a uniquely powerful and practical solution for successful and sustainable transformation.


John Raddall discusses energy and the Time Machine at TEDx Prague.

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