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Code 15 is our practical method for building high energy and high performance leaders, teams and organisations. It is based upon a combination of scientific principles, the power of the evolutionary algorithm and over a quarter of a century of experience with thousands of leaders and their organisations.

Do you have less than competent managers? Low levels of engagement? Poor teamwork? High levels of stress and politics? A fear culture? Performance issues? If yes, and with a high degree of confidence, you are busy going out of business. Like thickening arteries, your rigid culture is slowly destroying your organisation.

Code 15 is designed to solve all of these problems. We know that high energy organisations are two to three times more profitable than low energy organisations. Code 15 provides the full toolkit to generate a high energy and high performance culture code.

The secret of Code 15

The important work of MIT's Geoffrey West has shown us that all organisations are governed by a ten year half life, driven by the law of diminishing returns. Very few learn the magic evolutionary Code 15 skill that drives continuous or superlinear growth.

Code 15 has been designed to show leaders how to achieve this. And the key word is evolutionary. All organisations operate on a competitive and ever-changing landscape where quite literally, they must learn to adapt or die.

Most organisations learn to become efficient through top down structures, not realising that efficiency alone is a death-knell. Adapting requires bottom up evolutionary skills which must be applied in parallel to top down efficiency.

The unfortunate consequence of a top down culture code focussed on efficiency is low system energy. (We define energy as the ability to think and act intelligently. McKinsey talks of system health and Zappos system happiness.) In the end we all recognise that a high energy organisation is driven by a balance of hard performance driven issues on the one hand and soft cultural issues on the other.

Code 15 recognises this and provides the cultural solution that provides this balance.

The three stage of Code 15

Code 15 = DNA assessment + New culture code design + Customised execution

The following three stages apply to both individuals, leaders and teams.

The first stage is to assess the current cultural DNA of the leader or team. What are the energy levels? What is the impact?

Defining Current DNA with the power of The GC Index

To do this we use the Game Changing Index for several key reasons. (We are accredited GCologists and GCIndex Partner.) It is quick and easy to use online. Unlike other assessment tools the GC Index identifies both the individual and team proclivities, defining preference and impact. And most importantly, using the GC Index is a happy and energising exercise for all concerned.

Design the new high energy culture code

The second stage is to identify the individual and team blind spots or pitfalls which unconsciously shadow the proclivities. For example, a high energy Game Changer may not recognise the impact of his challenging and abrasive nature on others. And generally individuals experience blind spots linked to their dominant proclivities, which can have an energy and impact limiting effect in dealing with others. The new high energy culture code must also take this into account, finding new behaviours which limit or eradicate the pitfalls associated with the blind spots.

Execution.  Add the magic of Code 15

The third stage is where we add the magic of Code 15. We have designed a special technique for changing behaviour that is based soundly on scientific and evolutionary principles. We work with individuals and teams to design specific actions that with repetition create new high energy pathways. We connect these customised actions to an algorithm that generates the requisite energy and complexity.

Benefits of Code 15

Significant benefits of the proper application of Code 15 include the following.

1.  High energy and inspiring leaders.

2.  Great teamwork based on trust, recognition, engagement and creativity.

3.  The basis for a genuine and sustainable cultural transformation.

4.  A new superlinear culture code - the holy grail of organisational sustainable growth and financial performance.

Areas of application

We use our Code 15 philosophy, methods and tools across all of our customised applications where greater energy, innovation and performance are required.

1.  Introductory high energy workshops.

2.  Individual coaching and development.

3.  Team coaching and development.

4.  Organisational culture transformation.

5.  Customised corporate university programmes.

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