Sculpting Organisational DNA (...and to hell with culture!)

 Pick up your hammer and chisel....

First, you need to dump all your visions, missions and values. You'll never sculpt anything useful with those ancient tools.

Ready to sculpt?

Understand that the performance potential of every organisation is determined by its uniquely evolved DNA. You can stand on your head and whistle 'Dixie' - nothing can happen if it's not already in the DNA.

If you want to 'transform your culture' you need the tools to sculpt your new DNA. If not, you are dead in the water and your 'culture' will remain doggedly unchanged as your share price starts to crash.

Think of your DN AS A Time Machine

Just as the DNA you inherit from your parents largely determines your life on this planet, so too does the DNA of each organisation determine it's future. Think of your organisational DNA as a time machine that determines its destiny. Change the DNA and you sculpt a new future.

Sculpting your new DNA

Organisational DNA is the invisible foundation upon which the potential energy of the organisation is built. This energy is the capacity to think intelligently and act intelligently, which is converted into strategy and execution.

The secret now is in the DNA. We define it as the combination of conscious rules and unconscious meta-rules that drive all action and behaviour.

Now to the sculpting. Understand that everything that you observe is systemically logical and the direct consequence of the unique rules and powerful meta-rules in the system. Take your hammer and chisel and start by removing a powerful but energy draining meta-rule (such as 'Don't innovate!') and replace it with a new concrete action that is repeated on a regular basis.

And you have already taken your first step as a DNA sculptor. Congratulations!

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Strategic DNA


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Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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