Proud Partner of the GC Index®

Together we create high energy Game Changing cultures.

The GC Index® is a new and revolutionary tool that measures individual and team proclivities, that determine impact and performance.

As generating organisational energy is our business, the GC Index® is the perfect analytical tool for us to establish initial individual and team  impact and contribution preferences.  This gives us a practical foundation for high energy coaching and development. 

In a complex and fast changing market-place, Game Changing capability has become an essential skill. 

Not everyone has to be a Game Changer, but everyone can make a Game Changing contribution. 

The GC Index® provides a common language of impact and contribution.

Quanta is a proud partner of GC Index® incorporating the tools into our consulting processes.


The GC Index®

Identifies how people best make their impact and contribution

The GC Index® Organimetric provides a common language and framework that identifies five key ways (we call them proclivities) in which people can make an impact to a role, team and/or organisation.

It is a language and framework that delivers a foundation of impactful collaboration throughout an entire organisation across all levels. Truly driving an inclusive workforce and culture.


Key Impact

The five key ways in which people can make an impact to a role, team and/or organisation.


These individuals map the future.
At their best they engage others with a clear direction that brings focus to action.



Game Changers

These are the individuals who at their best generate original ideas and possibilities that have the potential to be transformational.


Play Makers

These are the individuals who at their best focus on getting the best from others in support of agreed collective objectives.



These are the individuals who focus on action.
At their best they shape strategic plans and deliver tangible outcomes.


Polishers create a future to be proud of.

These Individuals create a future to be proud of. At their best they focus on making things better, continual improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

GC Index © Individual, Team and Organisational View

Individual Report

Individual 24 page report focusing on each individual is provided to describe their approach to work, how they can make their best impact and prefer to contribute and how they best complement the impact of  others.

Team View

The GC Index® Team Report is outcome focused and delivers a basis for INTRA team collaboration.

It provides a structure, language and framework, to help all members of the team contribute to team objectives. 

Organisation View

An Organimetric Impact Framework (OIF) gives a platform for ALL organisational decision making and provides a basis for INTER team collaboration.

Analytics behind the Quanta Method and The GC Index®

The GC® Index Framework

The GC Index® example below shows a Senior team whose energy as a team is focused on Game Changing and Implementation, with lower focus on Strategy, Playmaking and Polishing.

The impact of this profile on the system below was experienced as a team that is not transparent, generating a sense of low trust, high politics, low candour, (low Playmaker) weak understanding of where the business is going (Low Strategy).

Systemic impact of GC Index® team profile using Quanta's Organisation Energy Assessment

Quanta's Organisational Energy© report reflects the predictive power of The GC Index® in practice and highlighting areas for systemic change.

Ranked Organisation Categories

The impact of the GC Index® team profile above is reflected in Quanta's Organisation Energy ranked results below.

The overall Organisational System Energy of 61% is not conducive to innovation, teamwork or building social capital.  


Organisation Energy Attractor

Quanta's System energy image below.  This shows how much energy is available in  the organisation.  Energy is the fuel that drives an organisaiton forward. The more red, the more the system is capable of leading into the future.

Organisation Assessment

Complete the Organisation assessment questionnaire here.