Generating Energy in Leaders, Teams and

We apply our tools and methods to liberate everyone to make a positive and high energy impact in their world.

Our customised methods and tools are designed to increase energy and performance through generating new DNA.

This allows individuals, teams and organisations to transform their capability and maximise their potential.

Our approach is globally unique, combining systems theory with powerful evolutionary practice. 

Our goal is always to assist clients in achieving measurable and sustainable results.

Our Toolkit

  • Individual Energy Coaching© and Development
  • Leadership Energy Coaching©

  • Team Energy Coaching© and Performance  Development

  • Organisational Cultural Energy Transformation© - Customising new high-energy DNA

  • Leadership and Executive Development Programmes

  • Keynote talks

Our Assessments

  • GC index®

  • Organisation Energy assessment©

  • 360 Degree Leadership assessment©

Our Methodology

The Quanta
High Energy Methodology

We see each person, each team and each organisation as a dynamic system that can gain or lose energy over time, where we all compete on an ever changing and competitive landscape. 

Our High Energy Methodology has been carefully designed to show individuals, teams and organisations how to increase energy to become more competitive and more successful.


We define energy as the practical ability to think smarter and act smarter in every dimension from strategic capability to managing teams to be happier, more engaged, creative and effective.

We see system energy as the primary driver of all performance.  Global research shows that high energy organisations are two to three times more profitable than low energy organisations and our own work over two decades confirms this where we have worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams

The Quanta Method in

The key to generating new levels of competitive energy is based on customising and implementing new simple actions and behaviours that with high and disciplined repetition lead to the formation of new ‘neuronal pathways’ that form new higher energy DNA.

We have evolved a unique and practical method and tools that, when correctly implemented, guarantee new levels of energy and performance 

This allows us to apply our method to every type of intervention from leaders and teams to complete organisational transformations

The sustainable

The key to the success of the Quanta Method is that it is based on sound systemic theory and practice combined with our original ability to change behaviour utilising sound scientific principles.

The Quanta Method

Our Quanta Method can be applied successfully to individuals, teams and organisations, wherever higher energy and higher performance may be required.

Typically we start projects by assessing energy impact, energy levels and system DNA using the GC Index and our proprietary Organisational Energy Profile.  From there we assess the current energy and DNA and customise specific new actions and behaviours to increase energy.

Our Range of Applications

Individual energy
coaching and development

Our individual energy coaching assignments generally cover a three to six month initial period that includes an energy assessment, agreement on development goals, and the design and application of new actions and behaviours, using Quanta’s Methodology.

Team coaching
and development

Teams are the basic building block of all organisations, and we know that leaders create the climate or context for all performance.  A high performance team with a low energy leader is never a sustainable equation.  Once more we start with team and leadership energy assessments, identify the team strengths and key areas for immediate development. 

Together with the client we agree on business and strategic objectives then customise a development and execution plan using Quanta’s proprietary methodology.

Organisational culture

Many managers understand that the market changes and that their organisations need to change to remain competitive.  The real challenge and paradox however is that organisations may have deep experience and skill that has brought them to the present moment, but they have no memory trace of DNA on exactly how to change.

This is exactly where the Quanta Method comes into its own as it has all the tools needed to change organisational DNA and drive a successful and sustainable cultural transformation.

Corporate leadership
development programmes

Quanta’s Methodology has been successfully applied to a Corporate Leadership Academy engaging over seven hundred leaders, where the average increase in individual energy over nine month period was over 20%.

The Quanta Methodology has also been used by an international Business School as a module on their Executive Leadership Programme.

If you are planning a Corporate Leadership Academy, we have the experience to assist you.

Introductory energy

We customise workshops for organisations to introduce the philosophy and practice of generating new levels of energy.  Participants receive a new understanding and role of energy in systems together with practical new tools for changing behaviour.

Customised and
specialised talks

John Raddall, CEO of Quanta Consulting and architect of much of the Quanta Method is available to deliver, high energy, informative and entertaining talks at organisational events.

Organisation Assessment

Complete the Organisation assessment questionnaire here.