Quanta's methodology

Quanta's methodology is based on sound scientific, philosophical and organisational theories and principles.

We recognise that every organisation is a dynamic living system that continuously needs to evolve and adapt to compete on an ever-changing and competitive landscape. 

In addition every system will naturally lose energy and performance capability over time due to the universal force of entropy.  The primary role of leadership therefore is to know how to continuously inject new energy into the system.  This deeper challenge goes beyond the traditional competencies associated with leadership.

Quanta High Energy Impact

High-energy impact of Quanta's interventions

Ten year half-life of all organisations

Essential data

Global research by Geoffrey West has identified essential data regarding organisations. 

Firstly that all organisations are governed by a half-life rule of ten years.  This means that of one hundred new organisations, only fifty will survive the first decade and only three will survive the first five decades.  This is known as sublinear scale and is governed by the law of diminishing returns.  Typical behaviour includes cost cutting, reduction in margins, and reducing headcount.  This is a ‘death throws’ strategy.

Secondly he found that cities are completely different.  They respond to what is called a superlinear scale which is effectively driven by an energy generating force, the opposite of entropy.  This is why cities survive and grow over periods of hundreds or even thousands of years.


The approach

Fundamental to our philosophy is in applying evolutionary principles and the evolutionary algorithm that drive the growth of cities, to leaders, teams and organisations.

Our projects generally include a series of customised workshops that are linked directly to the company’s strategic objectives and incorporate on-site coaching and support between workshops.  This is to ensure that the new high-energy DNA and its new ‘neuronal pathways’ are well embedded.

Our approach is always practical and focuses on measurable impact, such as increases in leadership energy, team motivation and effectiveness, creativity, customer satisfaction, growth, and financial performance.

We are confident that our method is the right one to drive sustainable organisational transformation.


Herein lies the foundation to our Quanta Method.  Our goal is to transform organisations from a sublinear scale to a superlinear scale.  This is a unique systemic approach generally not taught in business schools.

Our method includes assessments, goal setting and the application of our Energy Generator Programme which teaches both the philosophy of dynamic systems as well as our special tools for customising and executing new high energy actions and behaviours.

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