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Generating energy in leaders, teams and organisations

We apply our tools and methods to liberate everyone to make a positive and high energy impact in their world.

Our customised methods and tools are designed to increase energy and performance through generating new DNA. This allows individuals, teams and organisations to transform their capability and maximise their potential. Our approach is globally unique, combining systems theory with powerful evolutionary practice. 

Our goal is always to assist clients in achieving measurable and sustainable results.

Assessment tools

Organisation Energy

We define Organisational Energy as the system’s capability to ‘do work’ based on its ability to think and act intelligently.  It is the primary energy source from which everything flows including strategy, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability.  Effectively Organisational Energy is the life blood of the system.

Our customised assessment tool has been carefully designed to assess system energy level and, equally important, the system ‘DNA’ which provides powerful data on the unique characteristics, rules and meta-rules which drive employee attitudes, behaviour and performance.

We subscribe fully to the axiom that ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’  Measuring Organisational Energy, the most important company asset not on the balance sheet, is the essential first step for any leader that is serious about creating a sustainable and winning organisation.

Again based on experience with hundreds of organisations we know that the benefits of re-designing the ‘DNA’ and increasing energy are direct and immediate.  In principle for example, a ten percent increase in leadership energy will generate a similar percentage increase in Organisational Energy and performance.

360 Leadership Energy
Fuzzy Logic Assessment

Leadership Energy is always the primary driver of all organisational performance.  The greater the Leadership Energy, the greater the level of employee engagement, innovation and profitability.  It is therefore of the utmost strategic importance to develop your leaders to the highest possible level.  This must start with an thorough and deep diagnosis of a leader’s current capability.

Most traditional 360’s are admin heavy and impact light as they completely fail to take into account the dynamic nature of a leader’s behaviour in the real world.

At Quanta we have solved this challenge with a world first where we apply the mathematical principles of 'fuzzy logic' to capture the variability of an individual’s behaviour, temperament and capability over time. 

We have applied our 360 Leadership Energy Fuzzy Logic assessment successfully with the development of thousands of leaders. 

Our customised instrument assesses variable capability in three essential leadership areas. Personal Energy, covering skills, knowledge and temperament. Interpersonal Energy, which defines the ability to work with others and creating a positive team environment. Impact Energy, which measures the effectiveness of the individual in achieving output targets.

Typically clients achieve a twenty to thirty percent success rate in increasing energy and capability over a three to six month development period.

Executive Team Energy

The next level of energy assessment is the Executive Team. 

It is important to note that the team is never the ‘sum of the parts’.  As a team it takes on a life and persona of its own. 

We have applied the fuzzy logic principles described above to identifying the capabilities and behaviours of the team and its impact on others.

Our customised approach requires each team member to assess their ‘team’ as well as a selected group that is invited to assess the ‘team.’  This approach reveals critical information for team development and its impact on generating greater energy and performance.

The GC Index®

Quanta is a registered partner of the international organisation, The GC Index, a new proclivity assessment tool proving to be ahead of its time and a powerful leader of the pack. 

After assessing system energy we use the GC Index as the first step with leaders and teams to build a new foundation of self awareness, personal insight and most importantly a practical basis for increasing both personal and team impact.

Interventions and programmes

Quanta's customised
Energy toolkit

Our practical method always involves three steps of diagnosis, design and implement. 

Once we have the first energy measurements, whether individual, team or organisation, we customise a practical plan of action to change the DNA and increase the energy levels. 

Our focus is always on tools and techniques that are practical and lead to sustainable changes in thinking, behaviour and action.

We have a range of integrated and proven tools to achieve this.  Core to this is another of our unique designs, our “Energy Fractal Methodology” which provides the building blocks for re-engineering DNA and energy levels.

Our design goal is to always combine art and science to find beautiful solutions that deliver great results. For leaders, teams and organisations.

Intelligent thinking,
intelligent action

This is our customised intervention designed to increase the energy and performance of teams and departments. 

It combines assessments, workshops and onsite support. 

Programmes include theory, practice and the application of our unique Quanta tools and methods.

A key part of these customised programmes is the tracking of progress and the measured impact on individual and team performance.

Programmes are usually delivered over a 3 – 6 month period.


The goal of this Quanta intervention is to assist leadership teams with organisational transformations where we start with a deeper understanding of the organisation’s strategy then customise a matching new DNA and energy level to best match the strategic objectives.

We like to emphasise with clients that Organisational Energy is the driver of strategy in practice and not vice versa.  If the strategy requires more energy than that which is available, it cannot be implemented.

Once we have the framework in place we co-design the practical programme that covers assessments, workshops, development programmes and all on site coaching and consulting.

The overall goal is to ensure that clients achieve a genuine and sustainable increase in both system energy and measured performance.

Executive coaching and
development programmes

These are highly specialised and confidential development programmes.

Quanta customises individual leadership development programmes for one-on-one coaching projects. 

We base our method on our assessment tools described above where our focus is on building new levels of self awareness combined with new high impact behaviours supported through the evolution of new neuronal pathways.

Our approach is always practical and we apply our special tools and methods to achieve new levels of individual ‘fitness’ and overall capability.

Programme duration depends on individual requirements.  We measure the overall impact of our interventions to ensure an excellent return on investment.

Neurocoaching programmes
for leadership development

One-on-one customized Executive Coaching programmes based on the latest discoveries of Neuroscience.

Executives that need support for on-boarding in a new position or are preparing for a promotion or for further enhancement of their skills and behaviours, can benefit from Neurocoaching programmes.

Neurocoaching uses tools and methodologies from executive coaching combined with neuroscience and helps clients to promote and expand a higher level of thinking and to break negative behavioural patterns.

It is a process that supports individuals to learn and continue evolving for long after the end of the programme.

Programme duration 4-8 months conducted by Maria Biquet, Senior Practitioner Coach EMCC Accredited - Neurocoaching Expert.

Building social capital

"Companies don't have ideas; only people do. And what motivates people are the bonds and loyalty and trust they develop between each other. What matters is the mortar, not just the bricks."

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