New Leadership in a World of AI

"We are free to change the world and start something new in it."

Hannah Arendt

The New Leadership in a World of Science and Machine Intelligence 

If you decide to build a universe, it's quite simple.  Apart from plenty of space and about a hundred basic building blocks you need two key elements.   Energy and the evolutionary algorithm.  And from this everything emerges.  Life, consciousness and even leadership and organisations.

The purpose of our Leadership Lab is simple.  To provide leaders with a deep and practical understanding of how man-machine intelligence is a natural evolutionary phenomenon.  It is something that is occurring whether we like it or not.

And that this intelligence will be based not on traditional stories, magic or the whims of Zeus, but on the universal laws of science.  

Leadership is on the verge of perhaps the most exciting challenge in the history of mankind.  How can we develop leaders to compete, succeed and prosper in the rapidly emerging scientific and technological world of artificial intelligence?

Our goal at our Quanta Leadership Lab is to provide leaders with the solution.

Energy and the Evolutionary Algorithm. The Genius and Simplicity of our Universe and Organisations

The remarkable beauty, magic and brilliance of our universe is built on two essential dancers.  Energy and the Evolutionary Algorithm.  As a couple they have been in perfect harmony since the dawn of time and will remain in two-step forever.

Energy is provided through eight hundred billion trillion stars, all radiating a continuous flow of energy to matter to every corner of the universe.  This flow of energy interacts with what we call the 'Brain of the Universe', the Evolutionary Algorithm.

Evolution must always occur whenever three conditions are met.  Repetition.  Variation.  And Selection.  And this impacts all of biology and culture, from religions and languages to science, technology and intelligence.

The digram above demonstrates the emergence of man-machine intelligence (AI), through the continuous evolution of the flow of energy and the evolutionary algorithm.

AI therefore is simply the inevitable emergence of universal intelligence manifested by homo sapiens and his relationship with technology.

Our hypothesis is simple.  Intelligence is a universal and inevitable reality, wherever life and consciousness may emerge. 

Herein lies the opportunity for the intelligent and game changing leaders throughout the world.  To use the two dynamic pillars of energy and evolution to develop their skills and capability in the brave new world of AI.

Future leadership capability will be based on personal energy, intelligence, AI and the Universal Algorithm.

The diagram below demonstrates the equation that shows the natural evolution of intelligence as a function of Energy and the Brain of the Universe, the Evolutionary Algorithm.

This represents the key to the evolution of leadership capability in the world of AI.

It is time to have a closer look at the challenge of AI.

A Closer Look at the Future of AI and its Potential Impact on Leadership 

The Ten Steps of AI from AI TechXplorer provides an excellent framework of the current evolution of AI and its hypothetical future evolution.

- AI TechXplorer

Linking the Leadership Challenge.  From Oppenheimer to AI 

Our thesis in our Leadership Lab has been straightforward.  The universe, as well as all organisations are driven by two key elements.  Energy and the Evolutionary Algorithm. 

The movie 'Oppenheimer' shows us exactly how these two elements led to the evolution of the intelligence required to design an atomic bomb.  On the 6th of August 1945, after thousands of years of evolution, the US dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, changing our future history irreversibly.

In many ways this date marked our transition from a low risk to a high risk environment.  The price of emergent intelligence.  

1950 saw the publication of Norbert Wiener's The Human Use of Human Beings, laying the foundation for the science of cybernetics and the emergence of AI, where the latest manifestation is Chat GPT from OpenAI.

We know now that AI is evolving rapidly.  Jared Lanier, one of the brightest pioneers in the field, predicts that we will reach the singularity when machines become a billion times smarter than humans in 2045.  And that is just a heartbeat away.

And herein lies the real challenge for leaders and their organisations.  Traditional thinking, tools and methods will no longer cut the mustard.  In principle leaders over the next two decades will need a brand new skill to match the speed and complexity of emerging AI.

And this skill we predict will be based on exactly the two elements that drive the universe.  Energy and the 'Brain of the Universe', the Evolutionary Algorithm.

These leaders will need to be intelligent, high energy risk takers, mavericks and game changers.  They will need to create the future world, fusing humans, science and technology.

The future is not what it used to be.

Future chapters from our Leadership Lab will focus on the practical tools and methods to train and develop successful leaders in an AI world.

Let's enjoy the ride!

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