The Universe. An infinitely pulsating Fractal Machine. Generating the energy to unleash leadership and organisational performance

The Energy Fractal is the 'microchip' that generates the energy for life, the universe and everything.  Here is the secret and the genius.  Everything that happens, happens for the first time.  This initial event or energy fractal has two things.  Energy and a built in evolutionary algorithm.  Classic examples include the wheel, language, religions, economic systems and every thought and action you have ever generated.  Thus every energy fractal may dissipate in a millisecond or propagate, evolve and compete successfully in an infinite sea of fractal possibility for millennia.  The challenge for leadership is to find the latter.

John Raddall, CEO Quanta Consulting

The Universe.  A Fractal Machine.  With special input from Douglas Adams 

In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. However, beyond the initial furor, lies an astonishingly elegant contraption: the universe as a fractal machine.

Imagine, if you will, a machine of such ineffable complexity and unending intricacy that even the most brilliant minds are left scratching their heads and mumbling incoherently about string theory and quantum entanglement. This machine, dear reader, is not some bizarre contraption devised by a mad inventor in a lab coat with a penchant for dramatic monologues. No, it's the universe itself, a grand fractal machine operating on principles as simple as they are profoundly confounding.

At the heart of this machine lies the concept of the energy fractal—a tiny, yet infinitely complex unit of existence, much like the little green pieces of a Vogon poetry recital: seemingly innocuous but ultimately overwhelming. These energy fractals operate on a rather straightforward algorithm: repetition, variation, and selection. Think of it as the cosmic version of an exceptionally convoluted recipe for a rather delightful soufflé, but with more dark matter and fewer eggs.

Repetition is the universe's way of saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." It's the reason why your DNA continues to make you startlingly human instead of inexplicably turning you into a sofa. Everything from the swirling of galaxies to the ticking of your biological clock is a testament to this cosmic consistency.

Variation, on the other hand, is the universe's cheeky little nod to creativity. It's the reason why snowflakes, fingerprints, and British eccentricities are all uniquely diverse. Without variation, life would be dreadfully monotonous, and the universe would resemble an unimaginative bureaucrat's idea of paradise—a terrifying thought, indeed.

Selection, the final part of the trifecta, is the universe's quality control mechanism. It's how the universe weeds out the nonsensical from the functional, much like a sentient cheese grater discerning the finest gouda from the most regrettable of cheddar imposters. Through selection, the universe ensures that only the most robust and adaptable structures persist, from the tiniest quark to the mightiest supernova.

Put all these together, and you get a fractal machine of such magnificent complexity that it makes the Guide's entries on digital watches look like child's play. This fractal nature means that each part of the universe, no matter how small, contains within it the blueprint of the whole. It's as if the universe took one look at the idea of simplicity and decided to laugh heartily before proceeding to craft an infinite hall of mirrors, each reflecting the whole in mind-boggling detail.

So there you have it: the universe as a fractal machine. A construct where the smallest components echo the grandeur of the entire cosmos, governed by the whimsical dance of repetition, variation, and selection. It's a place where the improbable is commonplace, and the impossible merely takes a bit longer to arrange. In the grand tapestry of existence, this fractal machine ensures that life remains eternally fascinating, occasionally bewildering, and always, always worth pondering.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rather pressing appointment with a towel and a cup of tea. Ford Prefect insists it's a matter of some urgency. 

Energy Fractals, Leadership and Organisational Performance 

Every organisation is simply a mini universe, competing to survive and grow, where every happens for the first time.  Effectively an organisation is also a fractal generating machine where every energy fractal has the potential to either increase or decrease organisational performance and profitability.

The role of leadership therefore is to be an intelligent energy fractal architect; a generator of high system energy that ensures the survival and growth of the organisation.

We know that in-depth research has shown that the 400 billion dollar annual expenditure on leadership and organisational development has no measurable impact on actual organisational performance and profitability.  Zero.

Our experience with our energy fractal tools and methods over three decades offers leaders a new, alternative, proven and science-based approach to understanding and successfully managing organisations. 

And the first step for leaders is understanding the universal reality that everything is driven by initial conditions - the universal energy fractals that have driven evolution and emergence successfully - without any updates - for 14 billion years.

In our current world of post-covid uncertainty, political confusion, and the threat of uncontrolled Artificial Generative Intelligence, it is time to put aside our management theories from a bygone era.  Now we need leaders to create and unleash powerful new energy fractals, encapsulating higher levels of intelligent thinking and intelligent action.

It is worth remembering that the average global IQ is a dangerous 83, and with leadership levels to match, our challenge is real, immediate and existential.

I will add further blogs and relevant leadership and organisational detail in the days and weeks ahead.  My focus will be on practical tools and methods for measuring system energy, and generating new and competitive actions to increase system performance and profitability.

If you have any questions or interesting ideas, you are welcome to contact me.

John Raddall

CEO, Quanta Consulting

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Leadership and the New Science


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